Top 3 things to do in Paris

Last Valentines day my lovely bf surprised me with a trip to the city of love – Paris! It had always been on my ‘must do’ list, so I was thrilled and frantically started planing outfits and our journey plan. We visited all the main attractions, but these 3 were the ones that stood out and left me craving to go back.

1. Eiffel Tower
This was on the top of my attraction must see list – just like pretty much everyone else that goes to Paris, I couldn’t wait to see it in the flesh, up close and in all its glory. My top tip is don’t take the lift – make the trek and climb to the top it is much more exciting! And when you do get to the top head to the little cafe and reward yourself with a scrummy crepe covered in chocolate – makes it all worth it. Best thing, you can burn all the crepe calories off by walking back down again, so it’s win win really.

2. Pont des Arts bridge
If you go to Paris with your special someone you have got to go to the Pont des Arts bridge and create a Love Lock – it symbolises everlasting love and who doesn’t want that? You can buy the padlocks at the bridge but you should bring one with you so that yours is unique. There is a huge collection of locks all shapes and sizes locked on to the bridge so yours needs to be special to stand out! You then take your lock and write yours and your partners initials on it, pick a good spot, lock it on to the bridge and then throw the keys into the river Seine – tres romantic! Do make sure to take the co-ordinates of your lock so that it will be easily found when you return. I love the thought that one day we will return with our kids and be able to show them our Love Lock.20140128-163109.jpg

3. Basilique du Sacre Coeur
On our last day we ventured to Montmarte, to find the Baslique du Sacre Coeur – the views were breathtaking. With the most magnificent panorama views of Paris it was a sight to be hold and it is a must see – if only for the beautiful pics you can take.


Do you have a favourite thing about Paris?



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