Top 3 Mascaras

If I was stranded on a desert island and could only have one beauty product it would have to be mascara! I love it and am on a constant mission to find the one – the attributes I look for are darkness, volume, length, no clumping, no flaking, big brush, consistency, bottle design – yes the list is long but once you find the one it becomes a make-up bag staple.

On my constant quest I have came across 3 I love:

My number one mascara is Max Factor False Lash Effect, it is the best mascara I have ever tried for achieving volume without clumps or without giving that dreaded spider legs effect. This is the mascara that I have repurchased time and time again because it never disappoints.


Next up is L’oreal Telescopic – brilliant for length, great dark black colour and is a dream for lower lashes thanks to the precision multi comb, downside is that it’s not great for volume. So when I am going out I use Max Factor False Lash Effect first and then apply L’oreal Telescopic for added length.


Maybeline Great Lash is a great day time mascara, it gives lots of length with a little volume. I use Blackest Black which is really dark – beware of clumping if too much is applied.

Next on the list to try is L’oreal miss manga – first off the advertising campaign was amazing I mean look at this image:

This makes me think ‘oh well this mascara is ever so promising’ and can’t wait to try it!

Do you have a ultimate mascara? I would love to find an even better one.

CC x


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