Working backstage at London Fashion Week

On Friday, London Fashion Week A/W 14-15 begins and it will be my 5th season working backstage. I have worked on the Bora Aksu, Fyodor Golan, KTZ & Nicholas Oakwell shows and on Friday I will once again work on the Bora Aksu show taking place on the main stage at Somerset House.


I organise the hair team for the models that are walking in the show. The designer will tell the lead hair stylists their vision for their models and then the look will be created at a hair test – this usually happens a week before the show to lock in the look and make sure everyone is happy with it. Then we organise all the hair product, goody bags, stylists, guest list, photographer and get ready to see our work come to fruition on the runway.

Backstage is manic, with fittings, hair, makeup, nails and with each show having around 15 models, 20 hair stylists, 15 makeup artists, the design team, press, bloggers, PR’s – it gets crazy. So you need to know what you are doing at all times and be prepared to get out of the way quickly. Backstage I make sure the hair team is happy at all times and I show press and bloggers around and tell them all about the new collection and why the hair look was chosen, this is really fun because you are telling people who are really intrigued about how the look came about.

Each designer has around 2 and half hours to get all the models looking perfect, have a run through and get dressed before show time. But with some models turning up 10 mins before show time every second counts and things can be tight. One season I had to work on hair because all the stylists were busy, I was spray painting the models hair blue 5 mins before the show was about to begin – but that is the great thing about Fashion Week everyone goes above and beyond their roles because the show must go on!

Then everyone takes their seats (the most exciting part!) and as the lights go down, the intro plays and the music kicks in, bam – the models appear and stomp down the catwalk! With all eyes on them it is enthralling. At the end they are greeted by a sea of photographers and all they can see is the flashing lights. A show usually lasts no more than fifteen minutes and the end is signified by all the models taking to the catwalk for the finale!

Then it’s all over – months of hard work complete. The only thing left is to see how the collection and overall look has been received by the press.

London Fashion Week is amazing, especially for the style spotting, head down to Somerset house for some serious street style inspiration and don’t be afraid to ask someone for a snap if you love their look, they will take it as a compliment!

The ultimate for me would be to work on the high end shows like Burberry and Chanel – who knows maybe one day! Now to worry about what to wear??

Do you dream of attending London Fashion Week?

CC x


2 Comments Add yours

  1. jessiestacks says:

    That’s amazing…can’t wait to read about it!

    1. carolineann says:

      Thank you, really looking forward to the show!

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