Top 3 things to do in Prague

Last Summer I went to the beautiful city of Prague for a 5 day getaway. I was thrilled with my destination of choice as it is a city full to the brim with things to do and see. Everyday was jam packed with lots of sightseeing and the obligatory tasting of the local delicacy (mostly beer). Here is my top 3 things to do if you ever decide to visit.

Prague Castle

You can’t go to Prague and not visit the castle – it is beautiful and the views of the city are stunning. Also the grounds and gardens are pristine – I could of wandered around there all day taking in the views and enjoying the surroundings. Top tip go at 12pm for the changing of the guards ceremony, we luckily arrived right on time and it was lovely to see – there is a big march and handover that is definitely worth seeing. Also make sure to have your camera or phone charged up because there is so much amazing things you will be constantly snapping away.




Petrin Tower

Built as a mini version of Paris’s Eiffel Tower, the Petrin Tower is again a must visit. You can get a cable cart to the top but we opted for the long scenic walk to the top – beware it takes forever but is well worth it when you get to the top – we rewarded ourselves with a nice beer from the kiosk. It’s not as big as the Eiffel Tower but you still get an uninterrupted beautiful view of the whole city. If you are scared of heights it might not be a good call because it does tend to sway – a lot.



Charles Bridge

A truly iconic Prague landmark it has to be seen – all different statues line the bridge as well as artists offering every type of self-portrait you could want. When we went there just  under the bridge was a lovely little market with lots of amazing food and drink stales. The bridge is always packed so if you want to enjoy it without all the tourists go early in the morning.


On our last night we went to Cantina – a Mexican restaurant that serve the most amazing mojitos. I definitely recommend trying it out but make sure to make a reservation because it is quite small and gets really busy.
Would you like to visit Prague?

CC x


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