A walk through the New York Public Library

If you ever get the chance to visit New York make sure the New York Public Library is on your must-see list! It is a stunning building with so much history.

Remember the heart wrenching scene in the Sex and City movie when Carrie is on the steps in her big Vivienne Westwood wedding dress with her 3 bridesmaids, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, about to get married and is told that Big has not turned up. That scene is filmed on these beautiful steps inside the main reception hall.
The architecture and paintings is breathtaking, every ceiling tells a beautiful story that must be seen. This one is my favourite, it depicts the story of Prometheus and is situated on the second floor just outside the reading hall.
There is also free tours everyday so if you want to know everything there is to know about the library just check out the website for the times. The lady that showed my group around was so passionate about the library and it was really interesting.






Have you been before?

CC x


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  1. it’s absolutely beautiful!

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