Top 3 things to do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the best place I have ever been! Before we planned the trip I prepared myself for it to be quite tacky but oh how wrong I was, it feels like another world. The weather is beautiful and the surroundings are stunning, it almost feels as though you are somewhere very tropical and it is definitely not all about the gambling, whilst that part is fun too (if your winning) there is so much more to do and see. While there are hundreds of amazing things to do in Las Vegas, I have decided to narrow it down to my top 3 things otherwise that would have been a very long blog post.

1: The Mirage Casino

One of the nicest casinos on the strip is The Mirage, it has the Siegfried & Roy Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat which is must see. At certain times the trainers teach the younger dolphins to do tricks for food and then in a separate pool the older dolphins put on a show for the audience – swimming on their backs, flipping in the air, soaking the crowd, it is such fun. The further you go in to the secret garden the more you see, there are lions, tigers and cheetahs. While we were there Siegfried, the creator of the garden and infamous German magician, came out and wandered around the garden he was really friendly and was more than happy to chat to everyone.



2: Caesars Palace Pool

The Caesars Palace casino is my favourite on the strip and the pool is a must visit, it is breathtaking. You don’t have to be a guest of the hotel to visit it and the pool. It has the best facilities and the water is just the most perfect temperature, and with hundreds of sun loungers you can lie back and enjoy the rays whilst having your favourite cocktail hand delivered. #bliss



3: The Bellagio Fountains

Outside the Bellagio Casino is a big pool and at certain intervals during the day the fountains dance. For 10 minutes music comes on the speakers and the fountains come to life in an array of bursts, it is so romantic. The best place to see the fountains dance is in the stunning and scrumptious Eiffel Tower restaurant, situated just across from the BellagioΒ in Eiffel Tower shaped Paris Casino – make sure to get a window seat and enjoy the view over a glass of bubbly #perfection



Is Vegas somewhere you would like to visit?

CC x


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