Nails of the Day: Glitter Stilettos

Today’s nails are created using a new glitter nail pot I picked up from Gosh. The design is created to enhance the stiletto shape, which I am loving right now. To check out how I created these nails, keep reading.

nails of the day - glitter

I recently got a manicure and cant remember the shade I picked at the salon, I think it was one from OPI, if you know the shade do let me know below.

image (29)

So to enhance this manicure I decided to try out my new glitter in the following design:

image (32)

Step 1: Taking the polish off the fore and ring fingers, I then painted them using Barry M’s Prickly Pear.

image (34)

Step 2: Using Barry M’s clear topcoat I paint arrows on the tip of each nail and before the polish dried I applied this gorgeous purple glitter just to the arrows. I used an eye-shadow brush to apply the glitter as it helps put the glitter exactly where you want it and is very easy and clean to use.

image (30)

Step 3: Once the glitter had set and was dry, I then applied a coat of Barry M’s clear topcoat to the whole nail for a shiny finish.

image (31)

Are you loving the stiletto shape trend too?

CC x


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