The Wedding Series: Bridesmaids Dress Restyle

The fear of the bridesmaid dress is well known, not many ladies are happy with the dresses the bride chooses for them and end up with it stuck in their wardrobe, never to be seen again. This is such a shame because most of the dresses are really pricey, so when Weddington Way asked me to join their blogger challenge of making a bridesmaid dress wearable for the weekend I thought it was a brilliant idea and something my bridesmaids would also love to read.

bridesmaid dress

It was also a great excuse to get some inspiration for the dresses I would love for my bridesmaids and amazingly the search helped me find my colour, but I will keep that a secret for now.

So the challenge is to choose a Bridesmaids dress and then add all the accessories that would make it an incredible outfit for a night out on the tiles. I chose this beautiful purple full length dress and added some killer items that would definitely take this look to the next level.

Silver Statement Necklace:



Cartier silver bracelets:



Chanel Boy Bag:


Diamond earrings:


Chanel grey nail polish:


MAC lipstick in hue



Big curly blowdry:



Silver spiked Louboutins


If you have a bridesmaid dress in the back of your closet and don’t think you will ever wear it, you should take to a seamstress and for very little, you could come out with a totally new dress.

Do you like this look I put together?

CC x


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