Taking it all for granted

Today I feel compelled to write about being grateful and just want to take a moment to think about how truly blessed I am. In this sometimes cruel world there are so many people that don’t have anywhere near as much as you do or have the access to the opportunities that are right at your fingertips. Yet we still complain and moan that were not rich enough, thin enough, pretty enough, smart enough, popular enough, cool enough. It’s not a crime and we all do it, but sometimes you just have to take a moment to look around and realise you are pretty lucky!


We are fortunate to be healthy and happy, to be able to express ourselves and tell those closest to us – I love you. I write this today as my beautiful little sister turns 18, she has special needs and this means she is just like a little baby, she can’t talk or tell us how she is feeling and has to be cared for 24/7. Today is a day that most teenagers excitedly countdown to, as they finally feel as though they are becoming a real adult, it is a really momentous day in most people’s life. Unfortunately, our little lady doesn’t get to get all glammed up for an amazing birthday party and celebrate with all her family and friends, instead she doesn’t even know it’s her birthday.

It is so heartbreakingly sad but she is so loved and so happy and our whole family would never want her any other way as she is so perfect, but a day that should be full of excitement and happiness, as she gets ready to celebrate this milestone, is in fact a very sad day as we think of what might have been.


One thing I know is life is cruel and it can get you down but you can’t cry over things that never were you have to take happiness and strength from the good and the bad and cherish every moment. You have to grow from every lesson and live in the here and now.

Our little lady is so content and is the apple of our eye, the littlest things make her so happy, her favourite thing in the world is tea and the love she offers us is unconditional. When she is happy there is no one better to be around as you will receive endless cuddles.

So, I guess the reason I write this today is to pay tribute to my amazing little sister that will never get to read this but knows in her heart and soul that she couldn’t be more loved or special to us all. The other reason I write this is to voice that we should all remember that however tough this life may be we are here to live it and should appreciate every single moment. Tell that special someone you love them, say yes to things that scare you, stop comparing yourself to others, rejoice in your success don’t wallow in your failures and remember you are unique and you have something special to offer this world. Just whatever you do, don’t take it for granted because there are millions of people in this world that would love to be where you stand and have even a tenth of the opportunities that lie in front of you.




So this weekend do something that makes you appreciate the skin your in.


Happy Birthday Katie!

CC x


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  1. Great Post!

    -Happiness in Handfulls

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