The Wedding Series: How to ask your Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids are a crucial part of your wedding experience, they help you organise your big day, they’re your right hand ladies on the day with an survival kit should a dilemma arise, offer second, third and fourth opinions on everything from the dress to the flowers and let you go a little crazy/dramatic without judging when things get a little overwhelming. Also did I mention they organise the hen party? This all makes it so important to pick your dream team.

IMG_0916For me I wanted to ask my bridal party in a special way, so that they would always remember it because it is a special question and they are special ladies so it needed a little extra effort.


I decided to get cute boxes and fill them with some bridesmaid treats. For my Maid of Honour it was an extra special box with diamontes on top with my intiital ‘C’ and my sisters initial ‘L’, I also included a Maid of Honour sash, MAC lipstick, notebook, frame, hen party badges and other cute, sentimental things.IMG_0914

For my other bridesmaids, again I created boxes which included a frame, a bridesmaids sash, lipstick, eyelashes, hen party poppers, candles and sweetie rings.IMG_0911

It was such fun seeing all the ladies excitement when they opened the box and where greeted with the question – Will you be my Bridesmaid? It made it very special and something I think we will all remember forever.IMG_0912

Do you like this idea or will you be keeping it simple? How would you ask your bridesmaids?

CC x


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Heather says:

    I love this idea! It’s so quirky and thoughtful, definitely something I would do as you want it to be memorable.

    Heather x

    1. carolineann says:

      Thanks Heather! Yes, your only go to do once so may as well make it special x

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