Style Icon: Jennifer Lopez

For a lady that has been around for what seems like forever and has reinvented herself more times than anyone else on the planet. I think she has only just recently come into her own in the fashion world and has secured her Style Icon status. Not only does she look incredible (she’s 45!!!) her hair and makeup is always flawless.

JLo loves to take risks with fashion and whilst she has had some massive mishaps, her all white hip hop look with P.Diddy was interesting, she has also had some stand out style moments, who will forget that Versace dress that was cut to her navel, that she wore to the Grammy’s?

She is all about changing up her look and loves to play with her hair and makeup, which is refreshing because so many celebs find a style that work for them and stick to it, that old tried and tested mindest. But for Jlo trying trends and changing it up really for works her and she can rock a top knot like nobody’s business.

Her style is the tighter the better, but if I had a body like hers, I too would follow that philosophy. I have whittled it down to just 10 of my favourite JLo looks (there were so many to choose from) and here they are:

IMG_1034IMG_1022 IMG_1021 IMG_1023 IMG_1029 IMG_1030 IMG_1024 IMG_1028 IMG_1027 IMG_1026

And to make us all feel a little better, this was JLo when she was in her twenties – so there is hope for us all!


Do you consider JLo a style icon?

CC x


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