Nails of the Day: Leopard Aqua

My Sunday evening routine always includes a manicure and today whilst out browsing the shops I spotted these fab mint leopard print nail wraps and instantly thought they would be so cute with a light pink/white polish. Here is how they turned out:


I teamed these lovely wraps with a very light pale pink shade that is almost white as it goes really well with the white specks in the wraps. They would also look great with black polish.

Nail wraps are the best when you want to be creative with your nails but don’t have the patience to do a full on design and they are super easy to apply. Here is how I used them to create this manicure:

Step 1: Using Rimmel French Manicure Pro polish in French Lingerie, I applied 3 coats. This is a gorgeous high shine pale pink but is quite transparent so you definitely need the extra coats. I didn’t paint the ring finger as that nail will have the wrap.IMG_1769

Step 2: I picked up these lovely Elegant Touch Envy Wraps in Leopard Aqua and applied one of them to the ring finger nail. They are super easy to apply, you just size it up to fit your nail, peel it off and stick it on. Then you rub it to get rid of any bumps and taking a nail file to get rid of the excess and shape to fit your nail perfectly.IMG_1772

I only like to use nail wraps on one nail as I think it is too over the top if you put them on all your nails, I always prefer to have just one accent nail.

Step 3: To finish, I used Rimmel’s French Manicure Pro in clear as a top coat to add some extra shine to the nails.IMG_1774

Are you a fan of nail wraps?

CC x


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