10 Beauty Tips You Need To Know

Who doesn’t love a tried and tested beauty tip or trick that makes your life much easier? There are so many beauty hacks out there that you probably haven’t even heard off, here are some of my favourites that I think everyone should know about:


1. No more messy manicures
Put Vaseline around the edges of your nails before you apply your nail polish as this will make it super easy to wipe away any mistakes and leave your manicure looking clean and professional.


2. Want bigger lips?
Mix sugar and coconut oil and use it to exfoliate your lips as this will instantly plump them up. Or get some peppermint oil and pop it in your lip-gloss, the peppermint slightly irritates the lips leaving them looking fuller.

3. Want your perfume to last longer?
Apply Vaseline to your pulse points before you spritz yourself in your favourite scent. This will make it stick around for a lot longer than usual.

4. Ease puffy eyes with Baby Oil
By massaging baby oil into the skin under your eyes it will help alieve puffiness and improve dark circles, this is because baby oil is a natural stress reliever. Best to do this right before bed and let the oil absorb as you sleep. Another tip for puffy eyes is to put cold green tea bags on them, the caffeine is said to work wonders.


5. Get hair grips to stay in place all day
Simple, just spray them with hairspray before you put them in your hair.

6. Get longer eyelashes with baby powder
I mentioned this one in my previous beauty hack post, but it such a great one that I wanted to share it again – simply apply some baby powder on to your lashes in between the first and second coat of mascara. It makes your lashes longer as the mascara sticks to the baby powder.

7. Natural makeup remover
One of the best things for removing make up is by using coconut oil, it breaks down all the makeup and it is all natural so is good for your skin.

8. Remove foundation stains from your clothes
You know the feeling, you’re wearing a chic white top and all of sudden you see an orange foundation smudge on it – disaster. Apparently if you put shaving foam on it and wipe it off with a baby wipe or pop it in the wash the stain will disappear. I haven’t tried this before but I am definitely going to put it to the test.

9. Easy lip exfoliator
Mix baby oil, lemon juice and sugar together and scrub it onto your lips, it will not only get rid of any dead skin on your lips but it will also make them pinker.


10. Create the perfect winged eyeliner
I have seen a lot of people recommending using a spoon or sellotape but I prefer to use a business card or something that is straight and use almost like a ruler to ensure the eyeliner wing is perfectly straight.

Have you tried any of these beauty hacks before?

CC x


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