Models Own Colour Chrome Collection

Models Own have just created a new Colour Chrome nail polish collection and they launched them with a sale – genius! I, as a self-confessed nail polish addict, just had to add some of them to my collection as well as 3 of their other polishes because it was a sale after all.

I have tried chrome nail polishes before and must admit I was quite sceptical to try them again, as the ones I have used in the past chipped almost immediately and the finish was never too impressive. I think it was something to do with the composition of the polish that made it trickier to get a sleek finish.


Hoping that these new Models Own polishes would change my mind about chrome shades I chose Chrome Rose and Chrome Pink and I am glad I did, as they are just fab. They dry so quickly and the finish is perfect. The pigment is also really strong so you only need to apply one coat which is always a bonus.IMG_1567

There are 10 different shades in total in the collection and I believe the sale ends tonight so if you want to try some now is the perfect time, use code HALFPRICE.


What do you think, would you rock the chrome manicure?

CC x


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