Life through my Iphone

Sometimes living in this technologically advanced world can be quite negative and may lead us to miss some of the amazing moments of life, thanks to our heads being buried in our phones, but it can also be so incredible. We have access to more information than ever before, we can instantly connect with anyone anywhere in the world and we can easily capture those moments that we never want to forget or those nails that look so good it would be a crime not to share! I love snapping my way through life and my camera roll is constantly full.


I tend to fill my camera roll quite quickly with lots of pics of food, nails, makeup, scenery and anything else that catches my eye. These are some of the shots that I have taken recently and show what I have been up, if you fancying taking a look.


  1. Vanilla cheesecake with berries, one of my favourite desserts.
  2. Corally pink stiletto nails.
  3. Clacton Pier – it was amazing to get out of London for the weekend and lovely to walk along the pier, shame it was so cold.
  4. Now that I am engaged I can’t walk past a shop that has anything to do with weddings without having a look, and when I spotted these gorgeous cakes in the window of a bakery in Wimbledon I had to snap them for reference.


  1. Stressful day in work – pop open the bubbly #anyexcuse
  2. Makeup shopping, totally MAC obsessed.
  3. Dreaming of owning this gorgeous Chanel boy bag.
  4. Frozen strawberry daiquiris, so delicious.


  1. Valentines selfie, who doesn’t love getting all glammed up for date night?
  2. My nails for valentines – I am loving nude right now, they are especially great when you haven’t decided on what you are going to wear because they will never clash with anything.
  3. For valentines we went to this amazing Italian restaurant and for starters we chose crispy mozzarella balls and mushroom and bacon bruschetta, absolutely scrumptious.
  4. The gorgeous sun setting over London last night, what a beautiful pink sky. I can’t wait for summer it feels like winter has been never ending this year.

Do you love to snap everything too?

CC x


One Comment Add yours

  1. sophiai95 says:

    I love your blog girl 😍 like wow I do exactly the same I snap everything and sometime people find it annoying 🙈 but ohh well.

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