What’s in my bag

I always love these posts and ever since I started my blog just over a year ago, it is a one that I have long been meaning to do. At Christmas my fab fiancé bought me this beautiful DKNY Saffiano Medium Tote bag, in my favourite colour, pink. So I thought there was no better time to do the “What’s in my bag” tag, and show what I carry around in it every day.



I love it when I get a new handbag because it forces me to clean it out and get rid of all those pesky receipts. It also makes me organise it so that I only have the crucial things I need and not the kitchen sink or as I always do load it up with so many lippy’s and mascara’s because one is never enough?


Here are some of the things filling up my new bag that I couldn’t possibly leave home without:


IMG_1957-0– Kate Spade wallet in shocking pink

– No.7 nail polish in bright pink, you never know when you may need a coat of polish and I hate my nails to be bare.

– Soap & Glory A Great Kisser, because no ladies handbag is complete without a little lip balm.

– Compact rose mirror, this double sided mirror never leaves my bag, it’s great for applying lippy or doing quick makeup touch ups.


– House keys with lots of key rings from all the places I have visited recently, Las Vegas, Paris, Pisa – it’s an ever expanding collection.

– Kindle: vital for getting through the dreaded London commute. I have just finished reading Ariana Huffingtons book, “On becoming fearless… in Love, Work and Life” so if you have any must-read recommendations please do post them below.

– Soap & Glory Hand Food: great for when your hands are feeling a little dry or unloved.

– Powders, I always have a translucent powder for quick touch ups or any shiny moments and a bronzer should my look need a little brightening up.

– Blusher brush to apply the powders or a little blush.

– Shades, just incase the sun decides peek it’s head out.

– Deodorant & perfume: as well as deodorant, I always carry a perfume for a quick spirtz, should after work drinks pop up or any other last minute do. At the minute I am loving Prada Candy.

– Lipsticks: My ultimate weakness, I have been known to carry double digits of lipsticks at any given time, but in my new organized bag, I have whittled it down to just the essentials, one bright pink, one light pink, one red and one nude so that I am prepared for all eventualities/moods. I also carry a nude lip liner from Rimmel to perfect my pout on the go.

– Headphones for my iPhone because everyone needs a little music to get through the day.IMG_1962

I also always have my oyster card, inhaler, phone charger, bobby pins and hair ties in my bag, boring but necessary.

If you could only have three items in your handbag what would they be?

CC x


4 Comments Add yours

  1. I also love these posts! Thanks for sharing girl! 🙂

    Xo Paulina

  2. styleartandgrace says:

    First of all, I love that bag! And of course everything in it too.

  3. styleartandgrace says:

    First of all, I love your bag! And everything in it too.

  4. azureabeauty says:

    Love these blog posts! Your bag is gorgeous

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