How to: Fishtail Braid

The great thing about fishtail braids are that they look so tricky and hard to create but once you get the grasp of them they really are super easy. The technique for fishtail braids is completely different to a normal braid as you only use two pieces of hair instead of the traditional three. This braid also takes a little longer as you are using very small pieces of hair and you need to keep a tight grasp of the hair at all times. Here are the steps that I do to create the fishtail braid.IMG_2921

Step 1: Brush your hair through ensuring there are no pesky knots. Then separate your hair into two sections by grabbing your hair in a low ponytail and splitting down the middle in to two equal pieces.

Step 2: Taking a small piece of hair from under the left section bring it across and over the right section of hair.IMG_2922

Step 3: Holding the sections tight at all times and making sure not to lose any of the hair, move to the right section and take a small piece under and over the left side of the hair.

Step 4: Continue this weaving process until all your hair is braided – if you have really long hair like me, beware of stiff arms!IMG_2923

Step 5: Tie with a hair tie when you have finished weaving all the hair. To make the braid look less perfect and a little more chic gently rub the braid to make it a little messy and pull it apart slightly to make the braid bigger.

Step 6: Style the front of your hair as usual, I just pull out my shorter front layers and lock the look in with a spritz of hairspray, L’oreal Elnett is always a winner.

Do you like the fishtail braids?

CC x


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