At Home Workout

Don’t have time to hit the gym or it’s raining out so you can’t go for a run but you still really want to workout? Well change into your favourite work out gear, takeover your sitting room, turn up the tunes and get to work. The following routine is my go to when I am working out at home and it has been really effective for me. IMG_2925 IMG_2928

  • First things first you have got to warm up and the quickest way to do this is jumping jacks. Do 20 jumping jacks.
  • Next its time to squat. Get as low as you can and come up as slow as you can for optimum results. Do 10 squats.
  • After you squat it’s time for lunges, do ten on each leg, rotating from left lunge to right lunge each time.
  • To give your legs a little break and work those arms, do 10 push-ups.
  • Now it’s time for abs, so do 10 sit-ups.
  • To continue working your core and arms get into plank position and hold for 20.
  • My favourite at home exercise is the roller wheel, it hurts like hell but is amazing for working the abs and arms. Do 10 roll outs.
  • To finish do another 10 slow squats and explode out of them to work the arms.IMG_2926

If you are feeling up to it, take a quick water break and repeat all the above.

This is a great quick at home workout that will having you feeling the effects tomorrow.

Do you have any great at home exercises?

CC x


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  1. Tiffaspilla says:

    great workout! 🙂 love this post! xx

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