10 Things to Always Remember

If you’re like me you like to complicate things – a lot! Overthinking, worrying, second guessing, I could go on, so I have put together a list of 10 things to remember that will make life easier and may help it run a lot smoother too. Now I just have to remind myself of the following and practice what I preach.IMG_3312

  1. As Ronan Keating would say “Life is a rollercoaster, Just gotta ride it”, a philosopher he is not but he has a point. In life there will be amazing highs and scary lows. During the highs enjoy every single second, don’t waste them away by worrying about what’s next and during the lows always remember that you will soon be riding high again.
  2. You have to stop complaining. It’s simple really, if you are not happy – make a change. Life is too short not to love it. It can be hard but if there is an aspect of your life that you always complain about, you need to change it. Only you have the power to do this and giving out about it to anyone that will listen won’t change a single thing.
  3. Life is for living. So do what makes you happy, say yes, travel more and go on adventures that you will remember forever. Enjoy your life in the here and now and don’t worry about what people think.
  4. Stop comparing yourself to others. When you compare yourself to others (usually those that are more successful, prettier, thinner, cooler) you are doing yourself a massive disservice. I am sure you’re amazing and lots of people think you are the bomb.com (yes throwing in a slogan that is 100 years old is not cool but it is effective). So instead of wasting time comparing yourself to others, focus on making yourself a better person or you could always just write lots of lists – like me!
  5. Don’t take everything so seriously. Laugh a lot with the people you love. If you have to make a fool out of yourself to get said laugh, well sometimes that’s the sacrifice you just have to make (warning: be sure they don’t have a phone in their hand as they will get evidence, trust me I speak from experience).
  6. Everyone is fighting their own battle so be nice. Everyone knows those people that seem to have all but who can be sure? You don’t see every aspect of their life, you just see the shiny social media persona that they present. Just be nice to people and don’t be a hater.
  7. Expectation is the route of all evil. Stop expecting things to be a certain way or for people to treat you a specific way or for your life to have been a certain way by now. You are where you are so why not focus on the things that you can control and improve. Giving out about not owning a Mercedes won’t get you any closer to having one, working hard will.
  8. Enjoy the little things and stop wishing your life away. Life is all about those little things that make you happy to be alive. Enjoy those cuddles on the couch with your love, don’t be worrying about where you will be in 5 years, or where you will live, or what you will call your kids, or what you should do for your next date – it’s exhausting even just typing that never mind having to listen to it, especially when your other half just wants to chill.
  9. Change your mind set, change your life. No one likes a negative nelly and if you believe in the law of attraction (I massively do) you will know that negative thoughts lead to negative things whereas positive thoughts result in positive things  – I know which things I would prefer.
  10. Appreciate your life. There are so many people that would love to be where you are so don’t be ungrateful. Live a life that you would be proud of so that when you’re 90 you can look back and say “I wouldn’t have changed a thing”.IMG_3294

Is there anything you would add to this list?

CC x


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