Who to Follow on Instagram: The Girly Guide

With over 300 million monthly users Instagram is pretty boss, and extremely popular for a 5 year old. Isn’t it amazing how such a simple idea now dominates the social media sphere, but as they say it’s always the simple ones that are the best. Dependent on who you follow it can be an amazing source of stunning, inspiring imagery or the place for memes that make you cry with laughter, either way it is pretty epic and I am an avid fan.

I follow a mix of accounts from beauty and fashion to epic travel and of course the mandatory hilarious ones they all make my feed a happy place to be. My overall favourite accounts to follow though are the ones with lots of makeup, fashion, travel, flowers and pink and these ones offer all that and more:


I love the symmetry of this account and the prettiness of course. All the images follow a similar pattern and usually include lots of pink (my fave colour). I don’t think I have strolled past one THEPINKDIARY post without hitting the heart – so girly and so pretty, definitely worth a follow.




What to get really really jealous? Follow Jessica Stein, her travel and outfit pics are so envy inducing its almost hard to watch. She posts the most amazing shots and I just love how professional all her images are.IMG_3318



For lots and lots of dreamy shoe pics follow this lady. She also posts the odd snap of her adorable baby just to make it even sweeter. The queen of creating foot candy so if you’re a shoe lover this is the account for you.IMG_3319



Because what’s better than hundreds of pics with flowers and beauty products? I just love the setup of each pic, so clean and professional and always sweet.IMG_3320



With perfect images of makeup uploaded on the daily, it is a great account to follow to pick up some tips and tricks as they also post a lot of how to videos. Great account to follow if you want to stay in the know about new beauty product launches too.IMG_3321

And while we are on the topic of Instagram why not follow me here (smooth, very smooth). If you would like to leave your username in the comments below I will certainly check out your account.

CC x


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