5 Beauty products I wouldn’t buy again

On the constant quest for revolutionary products that will turn my makeup regime into a dream, it is inevitable that I will find some dud’s along the way. No matter what their lovely, shiny packaging says some just don’t perform as they should and unfortunately just don’t live up to their bold promises. Here I list 5 that have not worked for me as I hoped they would.


1. Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation

The packaging states “Feather-light, liquid mousse blends flawlessly for natural-looking all day shine control”, sounds like the perfect day foundation, right? Well not for me, I picked it up in shade 200 soft beige and found it to be quite orange on my skin tone, also it did not feel feather-light instead it felt very heavy and cakey and was quite hard to blend. It just really didn’t work for me and with so many other wonderful foundations to try it is on to the next.IMG_3410

2. Garnier Pure Long Lasting Shine Control Moisturiser

First of all I really don’t like the smell of this moisturiser, it has a very strong cucumber scent, and secondly it wasn’t very effective. It says “your skin is hydrated all day long with no greasy feel and is left feeling pure, with a long-lasting matified look.” When I apply this I can feel it on my skin for ages after and it feels as though it doesn’t sink in to the skin it just sits on top. It seems more like a mask and as though it should be washed off, I think this is because of the white clay ingredients.


3. L’Oreal Paris Nude Magique Eau De Teint

Many people have raved about this product so I was very excited to try it out. I have only tested it twice but both times I was disappointed. It is too light and doesn’t spread evenly, giving a patchy finish which is never a good look. They say “Fresh Feel Foundation, Weightless Bare Protection. SPF 18” so I think it would work better in the summertime when you don’t want a full base just a little tinted SPF.


4. Max Factor Eye Brigthening Tonal Black Volumising Mascara

I am a marketeers dream, position anything tailored or unique and I will buy it. This mascara is designed for blue eyes and it is suppose to brighten them. Reading this I thought ‘oh it will make my eyes pop’ but unfortunately for me this mascara did not live up to it’s claims. I didn’t find anything unique about it and it just didn’t compare to Max Factors False Lash Effect mascara which is one of my firm favourites.


5. Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Paint

I am not really sure what I expected with this eyeshadow paint but I loved the “Golden Bronze” shade so I wanted to try it out. It is a gorgeous shade that looks fab on the eyes but almost instantly it creases and looks terrible. It’s also very hard to work with as you can’t blend it or add any additional colours. It is cute as eyeliner though so that is what I will be using it for instead.


With all beauty products they work for some and not for others and there could be a product on this list that is your absolute favourite. Unfortunately these products have not quite hit the spot with me and while I usually just like raving about the products I love, I think it is also important to mention the ones I don’t because all’s fair in love and makeup.

CC x


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  1. I have never tried any of these products but it sounds like a good thing that I haven’t!

    1. carolineann says:

      With so many other amazing products out there – I will certainly be trying different ones next time!

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