5 Things to be excited about on Mondays

Sometimes Mondays are tough, especially when you had one too many cocktails on a sunny Sunday or didn’t sleep much because all you can think about is the amount of work you have to get through the following day. Then you hit up Instagram and all you see is post after post about “god Mondays suck” (#guilty) but instead of being sad that the weekend is now further away than ever and sleep in’s do not exist for the next 4 days why not try and get excited about the good things that Mondays bring.


  1. It is a brand new week, so it is the perfect time to readjust your mind set and make some goals for the week such as eating healthier. I for one always find it so much easier to eat healthier and exercise on the weekdays as there is not as much temptation and brunch is not a thing when you work Monday – Friday.
  1. Make plans. Whether it is exotic holiday plans or just coffee with the girls, Mondays should be about planning things that you can look forward to and that your social life will thank you for.
  1. When you work all week and you live for the weekends you tend to cram a lot of activities in, so Monday eve’s is when its time to relax and enjoy some quality time with your sofa (or loved one should they decide to join you on your TV catch up plans).
  1. Get your life back in order, do the boring things such as laundry or cleaning. The horrible but necessary tasks that are completed ignored at the weekend because it’s the fricking weekend and its sunny and I need to be outside living life right now! All in the name of clean home = clear mind.
  1. Have a pamper session. After a full on weekend you can kind of forget to look after yourself properly so Monday evenings should be spent soaking in a hot bubble bath, with a face mask on and an intensive conditioner on your over worked locks #bliss.

What gets you excited about Mondays?

CC x


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