10 Things Irish Girls Know To Be True

Living in London I constantly miss the Emerald Isle, the people, the beautiful scenery, the fresh air, the craic, it really is one of the best places on earth. One of my favourite things about being from Ireland is how proud we all are of our nationality. It is rare you will ever find an Irish person that is not immensely proud of their heritage, especially us Irish ladies. Here I have listed 10 things that we all know to be true.

 IMG_4330Malin Head, Donegal (one of my favourite places in Ireland)

  1. Irish mammies know everything and are usually the ones with all the gossip.
  2. Tea has magically healing powers and is normally the answer to everything. Your friend breaks up with her boyfriend and is sobbing uncontrollably on your sofa, you say “Tea?” she replies “That would be lovely thanks, got any biscuits?”
  3. Some words do not have the same meaning outside of Ireland. Saying to anyone that is not Irish “Sure, we all had great craic” will not only result in some very strange looks but may lead them to make certain assumptions about you.
  4. While we absolutely love to get all glammed up for a night out, sometimes there is nothing better than getting home early, changing into comfy clothes (which usually includes the other half’s hoody) and curling up on the sofa to watch Love/Hate – why oh why did that show have to end?
  5. No matter how successful you get, your friends will always be there to swiftly pull you back down to earth and remind you of that time you made a fool out of yourself when you had your first drink. Because being “big- headed” is never a good look and if you’re Irish you have to be self-deprecating.
  6. We cannot take a compliment! “Oh your top is gorgeous” “This old thing, Pennys, €5”
  7. The way a guy treats his mother tells you pretty much everything you need to know about him.
  8. Anyone who is not Irish, thinks all we do is drink – yes, it may take up most of our weekends but what can we say, we are a social bunch.
  9. Family means absolutely everything to us and we are super protective over them – do wrong by any one of them and you will never be forgiven.
  10. We are loyal, passionate and determined and when we say we are going to do something, no matter how big or small, you better believe we will get it done, especially if we are told “you will never be able to do that” that will just spur us on and make us want to prove you wrong.

Overall we are a great bunch really.

CC x


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Catia says:

    I’ve grown up with lots of Irish, went to an Zirish 6th form Irish and I recognise a lot of things from your list! I love Irish people – I don’t know anyone who doesn’t actually. My family always say “Oh Irish are like Italians that’s why we all get on”! (I have Italian blood btw ha!)

    Catia xx

    www livelifelovelipstick.com

  2. Catia says:

    (Sorry iPhone error Irish not Zirish!)

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