Friday Favourites

What’s better than the weekend? A long weekend that’s what! As the 3 day weekend stretches out in front of us UK residents, that Friday feeling has been amped up a level and everyone is getting set to enjoy it. In today’s post I have put together a round up of my most favourite things from this week.

Favourite read:

Earlier this week I read “Being Your Own Encouragement” by From Roses and I really enjoyed it. I think we are all guilty of being too hard on ourselves sometimes and need to take a second to remember that we are doing our best and that we really should be nice to ourselves. It is also so important to not let anyone’s negative opinions affect how you lead your life, if it makes you happy then don’t worry about what others think, just be you and never apologise for it!


Favourite buy:

This bad boy, I have had my eye on this Muji 5 drawer acrylic set for quite awhile because pretty makeup needs to have a pretty home, right? This gem now makes applying my makeup so much quicker too as I now know exactly where every product is and all my options are laid out in front of me which makes me very happy. Stay tuned for a full post on this beauty soon.



Favourite watch:

Ok, so this was a close one as I have been absolutely loving Taylor’s epic new Bad Blood music video,  I mean I feel bad for Katy Perry as her crew can never ever live up to Taylors’ star studded one but moral of the story – don’t mess with Queen Taylor!

This video though of Justin Beiber and James Corden just has to be my favourite, it shows Justin in a totally new light and the fame hasn’t gone to his head as much as we were lead to believe it has, he seems quite down to earth. Have a watch if you fancy falling in love JB all over again or just fancy a laugh.


Favourite look:

Kendall killing it at Cannes in this beautiful mauve Calvin Klein number. Now that is a dress to twirl in and I just love that later she just took off the floaty skirt piece and it turned into a beautiful mini dress that makes her figure look so insane.

IMG_4594 IMG_4595

Favourite quote:

I spotted this on instagram this week and it pretty much sums up my current situation as I am currently drafting a new beauty buy wish list post that is full of beautiful makeup that is of course super expensive and if I purchased all the items on my wish list it would probably cost the same as a weekend away. So I need to become really successful really soon so that I can buy all that pretty makeup.



Hope you have a lovely weekend.


CC x


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sophie says:

    I really want one of those lipstick holders I just don’t know where I’d put it! I’m with you on the bad blood video too. I loved it!

  2. Olivia says:

    Your makeup storage is so nice- i really want to invest in something like that for myself!

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