Summer Shades

No summer outfit is complete without some shades. I love buying sunglasses nearly as much as I do lipstick, so safe to say I have accumulated quite a few pairs. Right now I am loving coloured lenses and I am on the hunt for the perfect pink lensed pair. For every trip I like to buy a new pair and these are the 6 newest additions to my sunglass collection. Warning, if you hate selfies you may not like this post but a girl has got to show off her new shades some way….

First up are these beauties from Forever 21, I love the round lenses and the fact they are black means they go with absolutely everything.


This cuties are from New Look, they have a slight cat eye shape and are in one of my favourite designs for shades, tortoise shell.IMG_5536

As I mentioned I am currently obsessed with coloured lensed, especially blue ones they look amazing in the sunshine. So when I spotted the following two pairs in New Look, I had to have them both because they are both so different, right?..

IMG_5535 IMG_5529

These are like the Prada shades, I got them on Amazon for my last sun holiday, I love the design and the massive round lenses. They are perfect for hitting the beach because when you have no makeup on they pretty much take up your whole face so no one can tell, a slick of gloss, pop these bad boys on and your good to go.


My sister bought me these shades so I am not sure where they are from, but I love the light pink colour and the half exposed lenses, they are super light as well so you don’t even notice them on your face.


On my shades wishlist right now is the gorgeous new ones from Dior that every blogger and fashionista is rocking this summer, they are insane.

What shades have you got on your wishlist?

CC x


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Squidge says:

    I know this is a post about sunglasses but can we take a moment to appreciate your lipstick application please! So pretty x

    1. carolineann says:

      Haha, thank you very much x

  2. Sara Nuša says:

    These are all amazing! I love the first ones the most.

  3. Romantiquely says:

    All of these sunglasses are gorgeous on you, I especially love the last ones! Lovely post!



  4. Sophie says:

    I’m in love with your collection! Sunglasses definitely are the perfect accessory to an outfit! I really want a pair like the ones at the bottom of your post, they’re perfect!

  5. itsallaboutsonia says:

    the first sunnies are fab love.

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