20 Things all Twenty-something Ladies are obsessed with

We are an interesting bunch and there are a lot of things that get us more excited that they probably should, a new MAC lippy or fresh flowers, we are an excitable generation. Considering we all love the same things I don’t know why we are not one big friend group meeting regularly to discuss eyebrows and their importance.

IMG_6143While there are many of us that are also obsessed with current affairs, world news and progressing in our careers, these are the 20 things that make us happy without little brain power needed:

  1. Instagram – we could spend hours scrolling and searching, dreaming of having a more Instagramable life.
  2. Peonies – they are just so pretty and make for the perfect Instagram backdrop.
  3. Starbucks – coffee in general has now become part of our daily routine and if we don’t get our morning cup, approach with caution.
  4. Zara – they just get it right every time, especially with their shoe selection.
  5. MAC – hours could be spent in a MAC store deciding between which new pink lippy you should add to your collection.
  6. Taylor Swift – she is like the voice of our generation.
  7. Bikinis – bright ones, white ones, cut-out ones, we want them all.
  8. Travel – I think if you asked any twenty-something what would they rather be doing, their response every time would be travelling the world.
  9. New York – it has it all, food, culture, scenery, the right vibe, we just want to move there right now.
  10. Eyebrows – the constant quest to achieve the perfect brow is a life long journey and when someone compliments your brows your life is made!
  11. Diets, juice cleanses, anything that will help us get ready for those bikinis.
  12. Fake Tan – who hasn’t said “this will look so much better with a tan” when trying on an outfit?
  13. Black – all black everything… Everyone looks good in black and it is slimming so obviously it’s our fave.
  14. Festivals – not that we really care about who is performing at them, it is more about what we are going to wear #festivalchic.
  15. Quotes – funny, deep, random, we love them all and thoroughly enjoy posting them on our insta to describe how we are really feeling without having to say it out straight. You can learn a lot about someone just from the quotes they post.
  16. Brunch – it makes us feel fancy, especially when mimosa’s are involved.
  17. Trashy TV – KUWTK, Real Housewives, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, while we would probably prefer not to admit how much we like these shows, we do, a lot!
  18. Processo – what can I say, the bubbles go to our heads and we like it.
  19. Taking pictures – whether it’s of ourselves, our food, our outfits (much to the annoyance of our other halves) but did it really happen if it wasn’t documented through photography?
  20. Cocktails – they are sweet, make us tipsy and make for great snaps.


Anything else you would add?

CC x



6 Comments Add yours

  1. aha spot on! Love this post 🙂

  2. I have to agree with the majority of this list haha, guilty! Peonies are my favorite flower of all time, I had them in my wedding bouquet too. 😀 Your photos are so lovely, I really enjoyed this post! xxxxx


  3. Literally agree with like 99% of the above listed items! Minus, I think I have a larger obsession with donuts and macaroons than diets, because yum. This is our generation to a T.
    x Nora | http://www.colormenora.com

  4. Deija says:

    everything about this post is SPOT ON!!! lol Instagram, Taylor Swift, MAC. yes girl!

  5. Sophie says:

    Hahaha so true! I love your photos!


  6. I’m pretty sure all girls like these things:) xoxo

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