KIKO Makeup Haul

KIKO is a makeup brand that I have never tried before but one that I have seen quite a lot about and have always been intrigued by the range. The sleek packaging and amazing product selection drew me in to their Westfield store on Saturday and these are all the products I picked up.

IMG_6426 IMG_6427

I went with mainly eyeshadows and mascaras because you can’t really go too wrong with these products and as it is my first experience with the brand I would prefer try easy products rather than having to negotiate lots of different foundation shades.

KIKO Eyeshadows

I picked up four of their High-Pigmentation Eye Shadow in shades 134 which is dark brown with a little sparkle, 132 a bronze shade with a little sparkle, 139 a pale pink & 140 a sparkly pink. They have a great selection of shades but as I mostly use browns and light shades I choose 2 of their brown shades and 2 of their light pink shades. I plan to mix all four shades together as I think they will blend lovely together to create a gorgeous smokey eye. It looks like these shades have a beautiful, strong pigment and great colour pay off.


KIKO Mascaras

I got the Unforgettable Mascara which looks like it will give amazing volume and I also got the False Lashes Concentrate as the sales assistant said it was brilliant. I will fill you in on my thoughts as soon as I put these to the test but on first impressions the brushes look fantastic and I’m very excited to trial these.


KIKO Lip Liners

I picked up three of their Smart Lip Liners, one light pink 714, one darker pink 708 and a nude shade 700. I’m obsessed with lip liners and am always on the hunt for ones that will be life changing – here’s hoping these will be a firm favourite.


First impressions overall: 

  • Love the sleek packaging
  • The eyeshadows are in cute little pots and when you push a button they pop open, which makes it super easy to access the product. Does anyone else struggle opening eyeshadows with fake nails on? Not any more!
  • The mascara brushes look amazing
  • Fantastic colour range
  • Brilliant pigment and colour pay off


I will do a full review on each product when I have been using them for long enough to be able to let you know my thoughts on how the products actually perform and whether these are “must haves” or “don’t bother”!

Have you tried any KIKO products before? If you have a fave KIKO product comment below and let me know which one I should try next.

CC x


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Lauren says:

    I just did a KIKO haul on my blog, definitely will be picking up some of the products you got next time – especially the eye shadows!

    Lauren x |

  2. Really eager to try the eyeshadows they look amazing! xxxxx

  3. Danielle Beautyblog says:

    I have one of the Kiko eyeshadows and it’s so pigmented, I really want more! Their eyeshadow sticks are amazing too!

    Danielle’s Beauty Blog

  4. Fran says:

    I haven’t tried Kiko before either but the eyeshadow in 132 looks gorgeous 🙂 xx

    Fran’s Beauty Blog.

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