10 Signs You Need A Holiday

I woke on Monday morning dreaming of lounging beside a roof top pool in Barcelona (a trip I plan to take this year) but instead of jetting off to a sun soaked haven I had a day of calls, emails and meetings to face. This summer has been quite hectic and originally we planned to go to Greece but with all the uncertainty over there we decided to reconsider which means I have yet to book a sun holiday and to say I am craving one is a slight understatement.


I want a holiday to bask in the sunshine, have no commitments, power read books, sip cocktails, discover new places and eat way too much.

I think we could always do with a holiday but just to be sure I have listed ten signs in case you needed more evidence of that fact.

  1. You have zero hint of a tan
  2. You have a wardrobe full of new bikinis and beach wear that have not yet seen the light of day
  3. The amount of books you normally get through in a Summer is seriously low this year
  4. Your Instagram has no hotdogs or legs shots, no poolside essentials pic, no bikini ootd or no images of a sunset on a beautiful beach
  5. You think quite regularly BEACH PLEASE
  6. You can’t bring yourself to see any more holiday snaps because they are too envy inducing
  7. When you go to sleep at night you dream of waking up on a sandy beach surrounded by just turquoise water
  8. You start to panic that it is nearly August (how??) and you still have not booked a sunny break away
  9. You know your life will be complete if you could just spend a week on a beach doing little more than working on your base tan
  10. You are tried 90% of the time – it’s your bodies way of telling you “TAKE A HOLIDAY”

IMG_7330 IMG_7333 IMG_7332

*Images via pinterest

Next week I have a lovely trip planned to Ireland and I’m very excited to have some down time but as much as I love my home country it is highly unlikely I will get a tan or get the chance to rock my new summer wardrobe so I plan to book a trip very soon. Any recommendations? I’m currently thinking Malta, Sicily or Barcelona.


Have you any holidays planned?


CC x


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Quito, Ecuador in August. I desperately need a break

  2. yasmine says:

    I need a holiday too!

    Stay fabulous x

  3. Nina says:

    Great pics, and I need a holiday too, please. LoL


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