Exploring Ireland

Last week I had a lovely week off (hence the lack of blogging) and decided to spend it in my beautiful home country of Ireland. While I spent most of my time in my home town I also organised a trip to Westport in Co. Mayo. A group of us rented a cute country cottage via Air B’n’B and we all set out to climb Croagh Patrick. It took 2 and a half pain staking hours but was worth every step just for the view from the top, breath-taking is an understatement.

I thought it would make for a cute post to focus on a beautiful place in Ireland as in the past when I have done these types of posts they have been about exotic places such as Las Vegas, Paris and Prague. So why not highlight one of the wonderful places in the West of Ireland and if you do decide to pop Westport on your must-visit list, here are the three things I recommend you do.

1. Climb Croagh Patrick

Yes it takes nearly two and a half hours to get to the top and it’s tough going but it is so worth it. There is a steep incline all the way to the top with many pesky rocks to navigate but the feeling of accomplishment when you reach the top and look out to see the Irish coastline and the Atlantic Ocean for miles and miles, makes the trek worth every second. It takes about an hour and a half to make it back down the mountain and towards the end you just want to run so fast so that you can finally get off the mountain and give your legs a rest because at this stage they are just like jelly. It is free to do and if you do it with a group of friends it makes for a fantastic day that is so rewarding and obviously you then deserve lots of lovely wine and yummy food which Westport has aplenty.

IMG_8082-0 IMG_8075-0IMG_8262


2. Visit Bertra Beach

What is it about strolling along a beach that makes you so happy to be alive? This gorgeous beach just outside of Westport is the perfect escape, and if you have had one too many wines the night before to celebrate making it to the top of the mountain, there is no better place to clear your head and feel refreshed.

IMG_8144 IMG_8130-0 IMG_8155 IMG_8218-0
3. Try the local cuisine

On the first night we arrived we headed out for dinner and trying to get a table proved to be quite difficult as everywhere was fully booked but luckily we got a last minute booking with Sol Rio and the food was divine. The menu selection was fantastic and the presentation was next level. We loved it and made sure to sample all three courses on offer because we had to ensure we were well fuelled ahead of our mountain trek the following day, and when on holidays diets don’t exist right?

Make sure and try some seafood as Westport is a coastal town so it will be some of the freshest you will ever taste.

The following morning I popped into one of the many cute coffee shops that are dotted all around the town and was blown away by the cakes they had on display, each one was handmade and all looked top class, I would go back for them alone.


CC x


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