MAC Global Glow Review

This year for my birthday I got some makeup gems (full rundown coming soon) including the beautiful MAC Global Glow. As you may have seen this little beauty featured in my Birthday Wishlist post and my fabulous fiancé obviously made note as he popped along to Harrods and dutifully picked it and some other lovely items up – what a star!

I could just stare at this baby all day – it is so pretty with the bronze and the sparkle, ah the little things really do make me so happy.



MAC say:

A luxurious, slow-baked, velvety soft, domed face powder with a radiant finish. Strategically buff on to add highlights to the high points of the face, or blend all over for a sheer luminous polish to the skin.

IMG_9180 IMG_9183

I say:

MAC packaging makes me weak and I am not ashamed to admit that and when it is even prettier on the inside than the outside, like most of their products are, I must have it. While I have not used this product a whole pile just yet, I am really enjoying it so far. It adds a beautiful highlight to the face and a gorgeous glow that helps take your makeup up a level. For me this is more a full glam product and not one I will be wearing in the office every day because ain’t nobody need to see my killer highlight from desks away. I will keep it for nights out and special events when I want to turn my glam up a notch and make my cheekbones pop. I am unsure about using it all over the face as I don’t want to be a glitter ball so think I will stick to popping it above my cheekbones, cupids bow and lower temples.

IMG_9181IMG_9179 IMG_9184


I love it! It’s a really enjoyable product to use, goes on effortlessly and adds a beautiful sheen to the face. It is quickly becoming one of my makeup staple items and I will certainly be repurchasing once I run out, even though that seems like it will be quite a while off as you only need to use a very little amount so the product should last ages.

Have you tried this gem before?

CC x


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Totally agree with you, the packaging is GORGEOUS! And that color payoff is insane! xxxxx

  2. Becky says:

    This is beautiful! May just have to go into a MAC store and swatch this! x

  3. That colour is gorgeous! I might just have to run into MAC now, thanks for sharing! xoxo

    My Blog ♥ Amali Muses♥

  4. This looks stunning! Let me know if you ever find a dupe! If you’re interested in doing a fun litle makeup poll, feel free to click here! Thanks and xoxo!

  5. Abigail says:

    This looks SO lovely! I’m also such a big fan of MAC and their packaging their products are so consistently high quality ❤

  6. thewaytomyhart says:

    Love MAC products as well! Happy Belated Birthday 🙂

    the way to my Hart

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