10 Makeup Rules Made To Be Broken

The thing about makeup rules is that there really shouldn’t be any, apart from the one where your foundation must not be worn as a mask, blend, blend, blend. Other rules though are just made to be broken and when it comes to makeup if you love it and think it looks good on you then why not give it a try. Here are some of the makeup rules that really shouldn’t even be considered.

  1. Only use foundation that matches your natural skin tone – but what happens when you have fake tan on? Any true makeup fan has a few different shades in her kit for times when you have a glowing tan or for those times when you decide to embrace the Casper the friendly ghost look. If you don’t have extra foundation shades let bronzer be your best friend but don’t put it all over you face, just apply to the checks, top of the forehead, under the chin and down the neck.
  2. Glitter should be avoided at all costs because it makes you look like a little girl – for a big night out I just love to add a little glitter to the eye lids, I totally agree that you should use it sparingly and not put it all over your body like you did when you went to teeny bopper discos. A little glitter on the lids makes the eyes pop, if you are nervous of using glitter just apply the smallest amount right in the centre of the eyelid on top of your chosen eyeshadow.
  3. Overdrawing your lips is a no-no – if you have the knack for it and don’t make your lips look clown like, then go with it, who doesn’t want a slightly fuller lip. Check out this post for more on why lip liner should be your friend not your foe.
  4. Eyes or lips pick one – some say you can’t have fully made up eyes as well as a bright lip, I couldn’t disagree more and I love to team a brown smokey lid with a beautiful bright pink lip, why not go for full on glam especially when it makes you feel like girl you got this!
  5. Only use products for what they are designed for – lipstick can easily become blush and highlighters can be eyeshadows. Makeup should be about having fun and experimenting with so if you think this lipgloss would look glorious on my cheeks pop it on and blend it in, no one will ever know.
  6. Apply concealer before foundation – the steps I follow is to firstly colour correct using an orange concealer, apply foundation and then apply the concealer where needed, it is easier to see where you need extra coverage once your foundation is on and settled into your skin.
  7. Only use concealer to conceal blemishes – I find using concealer to tidy around my brows works a treat, it cleans the area up and highlights the brow even further because we all know the importance of a strong brow game.
  8. Don’t put eyeliner in your water line as it makes your eyes appear smaller – if you apply a nude eyeliner it not only makes your eyes appear bigger it will also get rid of any redness, winning.
  9. Blue eyeshadow is really outdated so should be avoided – I don’t think any colours should be ruled out when it comes to eyeshadows, for me, a gorgeous blue shadow makes my eyes stand out even more and makes them appear very bright – check out this post for the full rundown.
  10. Shine is never good – Dewy skin is the thing right now and having a little glowy shine can make you appear more youthful and radiant. A little shine/highlight above the cheekbone is gorgeous but obviously a shiny forehead is rarely a good look.


Have you got any makeup rules that you love to break?


CC x



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Awesome post! I especially love the last point, the glowier the skin the better!! xxxxx


  2. Kim says:

    I love this, I totally agree with breaking makeup rules! I ALWAYS go for BOTH eyes and lips, it’s my favorite to have a bold eye and lip to match with it! Great post, XO -Kim

  3. I LOVE adding glitter, I do agree that it can be done badly and too over the top. But just the right amount in the right place looks amazing!


  4. Wonderful and helpful post! xoxo

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