The £5 product every Makeup Kit should have

I am most certainly late to the party with this one but this beauty has quickly become a holy grail product for me. It is so inexpensive and one I believe everybody should include in their makeup bag. It is very similar to the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick and for only £5 it is a must have makeup staple.IMG_9663

The Seventeen Shimmer Brick comes in two different shades Pink Bronze or Gold Bronze, I chose the Pink Bronze and it has 4 different shimmery, beautiful shades with each as pretty as the last. Two lighter pink shades perfect for highlighting or using as eyeshadow and two darker bronze shades ideal for bronzing up your face or applying to the crease of your lids.
IMG_9670 IMG_9669

My favourite thing about this little palette is that it is so multifunctional, you can use it as a bronzer, highlighter, eyeshadow, blush and you can also mix all four shades together to create a beautiful colour that will add dimension to your face when applied to beneath your cheekbones.



At £5 it is a steal compared to the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick which is £33,


Have you tried this one before?


CC x



9 Comments Add yours

  1. This looks super similar to the shimmer bricks from Bobbi Brown! xxxxx

    1. carolineann says:

      It is pretty much an exact dupe except a fraction of the price 😉 X

  2. Kim says:

    I have yet to own a shimmer brick, but this one looks so lovely! Great post! XO -Kim

    1. carolineann says:

      Thanks Kim, this is great to try as your first one because it is really cost effective X

  3. Oh wow this is such an amazing product, it looks so pretty swatched.

    1. carolineann says:

      It’s fab and so versatile too! X

  4. misia1989 says:

    This looks lovely! I’ve wanted to try the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks for ages but have always been put off by the price, I’ll definitely give this a try next time I’m in Boots. Thanks for sharing!

    Misia xx

    1. carolineann says:

      My thoughts exactly! For the price alone it really is a must try X

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