Friday Favourites

Friday is my favourite day, it is usually much more chilled than the rest of the week, I always have nice dinner plans to look forward to once I get to bolt from the office and my time is exclusively mine to do whatever I wish for two full days. This weekend I am using that free time to head home to Ireland and I am very excited but first I have rounded up some of my favourites from this week.

Favourite buy:

The Apple Iphone 6s in Rose Gold. I had literally been counting down the days for this beauty to launch, it has my name written all over it, it’s pink (my favourite colour),  the camera is so much better than the iphone 5 and to top it off the front camera now has a flash so my selfie game is about to get a whole lot stronger.


Favourite watch:

This ad for Extra gum totally gave me goose bumps and reminded me of my very first holiday with my lovely other half. I remember we were waiting in the departures lounge of Dublin airport and we started playing with the silver wrapping and ended up ripping it into and “I”, a heart shape and “U”, I know extremely corny but them pieces of wrapping that spell out ‘I ❤ U’ still live in his wallet to this day and that was around 7 years ago.


Favourite quote:

I loved reading this one as it is puts things in perspective a little, yes you will fail and yes things won’t always go your way but it is what you learn from all those experiences that will make you become a much stronger person. Everything happens for a reason and that reason is usually to teach us something in order to lead a better life #deep.



Favourite look:

Kendall in Balmain at Paris Fashion Week. How perfect is this ensemble, she looks so incredible. Of course Oliver Rousteing has outdone himself once again with this year’s collection and it is making me even more excited for the H&M and Balmain collaboration which is launching in November. I would say that there will be mass hysteria in the H&M stores across the country with ladies trying to get their hands on a Balmain piece.



Favourite lip combo:

This week I have been loving combining Kiko’s lip liner in 708, fushcia, with Maybelline’s Plum Passion lippy, the two shades together create a gorgeous bright pink purple lip. I first line my lips and fill them in entirely with the Kiko liner and then pop the Plum Passion lipstick over the top and because the liner covers the entire lips it makes the lipstick stay put for much longer. Experimenting with lip colours is such fun and you don’t always have to match your liner to your lipstick if you change up the colours you can create a shade all of your own.




Happy Friday everyone, hope you have a fab, fun-filled weekend!

CC x


4 Comments Add yours

  1. WOW the new iPhone is absolutely beautiful! What a gorgeous rose gold color! xxxxx

    1. carolineann says:

      In love with it, the colour is even prettier in person x

  2. Sara Nuša says:

    I love your new iPhone and the Balmain look. Lovely post.

    1. carolineann says:

      It is the best – my fave purchase to date x

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