Want to be a roaring success? Stop doing these 5 things

So let’s start this one with a little disclaimer, I certainly don’t consider myself to be a roaring success but I do hope to be one day and these points are as much to help me as they are to help you, my lovely reader, so that we can all be super successful, buy makeup by the truckload and fill our closets with Louboutins and Chanel.

1. Stop doubting yourself

Self-doubt holds a lot of us back, especially when it comes to blogging as it’s really easy to talk yourself out of posting about certain things or putting yourself forward for opportunities. Take this post for example and the plenty others just like it that sit in my drafts folder never to see the light of day. I go back and forth about posting this type of content because I am not an expert and worry that what I have to say on the topic will not measure up or could come across as quite preachy but this post is a little poignant for me right now and it has some pointers within it that I really need to take on board so hope it will be beneficial for you too.

2. Stop overthinking

Overthinking is a huge waste of time but us ladies just love to torture ourselves by going over and over things, time and time again, analysing all the potential outcomes and do we come up with a solution? Absolutely not, we just end up confusing ourselves even more. Make your decision, stick with it and don’t look back. It will be a much quicker route to success if you cut out the overthinking and will leave you with more time to day dream about that dream shoe collection you will have one day.

3. Stop trying to be perfect

Perfection does not exist and isn’t something you should obsess over. If you worry too much about creating the perfect life you will never be happy or if spend too long on the creating the perfect post you will never be done. You should always strive to do as good a job as you possibly can because the quest for perfection will probably just drive you a little mad and that’s not going to help you make the money to buy all of the Chanel that you will need fill your dream walk-in wardrobe, now is it?

4. Stop listening to negative people

Successful people often credit their support system and the people they have around them as one of the reasons why they did so well. It is crucial not to have negative people in your circle as they will only work to make you doubt yourself even more and may make you start to believe you can’t achieve your goals. Don’t let negative people steer you off course, believe in yourself and surround yourself with people who believe in you too.

5. Stop fearing failure

Failure unfortunately is inevitable in life but it should be something you learn from and move on from quickly. It should not be a factor as to why you don’t try or why you stop all together. Take the most famous story about overcoming failure, JK Rowling was turned down 12 times before Bloomsbury picked up her book for an advance of £1,500. Harry Potter went on to sell more than 450 million copies worldwide and JK is now worth over $1 billion, that’s a lot of Louboutins.


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And to finish I would like to share one other disclaimer, if these tips do in fact help you become a roaring success, I will happily accept Louboutins or Chanel lipstick as repayment.

CC x





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  1. I find it really hard to stop doubting myself and overthinking.. Such sound advice, I really loved this post sweetheart! xxxxx


    1. carolineann says:

      Thanks hun love your blog so keep going and don’t over-think it too much! X

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