The 10 Best Things About Having Your Sister As Your Best Friend

Some of us are lucky enough to have sisters that turned into best friends and my younger sister is not only my bestest friend, she is also my maid of honour and more often than not she is also the voice of reason I so desperately need when I get a little too over dramatic.


We weren’t always besties though, when we were younger we shared a room and were really competitive with each other. So much so, that we used to race every morning to see who could get ready for school quicker. I remember one time I woke at about 6am got dressed in my uniform and went back to bed. I woke a few hours later when it was nearly time for school and Lauren was just about to finish getting dressed. She was looking very smug as she thought she had just won that mornings race but I whipped back the covers to reveal that I was already fully dressed, the poor pets face totally dropped. 

We always have such a laugh looking back on those times when our mum insisted on dressing us in the same outfits and I always think about how lucky we were to have grown up together and still be so close.


It is one of the best things in the world to be able to call your sister your best friend and here are some of my favourite reasons why:

  1. Her closet is your closet – but there is one golden rule, if it’s new and they have not yet worn it, you are forbidden to. 
  2. You can be your weirdest self around each other with no fear of being judged and those are always the times when you have the best laughs and make the most fantastic memories.
  3. You have so many inside jokes that only you two get (Lauren if you’re reading this – ILLUMINOUS JUMPER).
  4. You have so many damaging pictures stored in your phone that you would never ever share but they make you laugh so you will keep them forever.
  5. You are obsessed with the same shows and music and can have full conversations about The Bachelor Australia and how you’re not sure any of the ladies are quite right for him.
  6. When you live in different countries you always do countdowns until you next get to see each other.
  7. No one is ever more happy for your success than them and vice versa.
  8. They will always offer you brutal honesty, so if you’re being ridiculous or a little over dramatic prepare to be called out on it.
  9. If they don’t like someone you probably don’t either and if someone crosses them it hurts you more than if they were to cross you #overprotective!
  10. You are eachothers biggest fans and live by the unwritten rule that you must like every single thing they post to social media. IMG_0785

Is your sister your bestie or does your bestie feel like a sister?

CC x


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Angela says:

    I have 2 sisters and we are best friends! Sisters are the best!

  2. This is such a sweet post, it makes me wish I had a sister! xxxxx

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