10 Things All Beauty Bloggers Post To Instagram

Instagram and it’s social media friends are very important for the blogging community, it not only helps introduce your blog to some new readers, it can also be fantastic for inspiration – here’s looking at you pinterest


All to often it also results in a shopping spree or two, because there is nothing like an Instagram feed full of the new must-have palette to make you feel as though you need to add it to your collection immediately.

Sometimes though it can be quite easy to get caught up in that Instagram way of life and start to compare yourself to the hundreds of thousands of others that are churning out the most exquisite images and often you can be left wondering if you will ever have even a tenth of their following or engagement.

You can over think what you post or worry about how people will perceive it – you worry people may think “oh my god she must love herself look at the amount of selfies she posts” when in reality all you want to do is show off your highlighter and the fact that you finally figured out how to apply properly #thathighlighthough.

I think we should all stop worrying about the numbers, the likes, what people will think and just upload what you would want to see, don’t take it so seriously and enjoy it for what it is supposed to be – fun and engaging!

It’s important to also remember that people are posting their highlight reel and not their behind the scenes, (yes quoting Taylor Swift there) so even if they appear to have the most amazing life, Instagram only shows you what that persons wants you to see and does not offer any really depth, so take it all with a pinch of salt.

#BBloggers love Instagram and the following 10 things feature on pretty much ever beauty bloggers grid:

1. Flowers – peonies, roses, tulips, they are too pretty not to share and they make for the prefect product backdrop.

2. A throwback holiday snap with the caption “Take me back”. Pretty much every twenty something girl is guilty of posting this one!

3. Starbucks – when they launch a new cup Instagram is flooded and if you are a beauty blogger then the pic will usually also include your perfect manicure and if you are feeling particularly ambitious, your lips in the hottest seasonal shade, will also be in shot.

4. Quotes – funny, deep, meaningful, makeup specific, we post them all and most of the times there is a subliminal message wrapped up within it.

5. Selfies – taking a good selfie is an art form and can be a lot harder than it looks so once you get a good one you have just got to post it and how else are you going to show off your perfect liner that took you hours to perfect?

6. Airport selfie / Airport essentials – just need to make sure everyone knows I’m at the airport and heading off somewhere fabulous, so here is a picture of my passport, sunglasses, boarding card and a copy of the latest Vogue #jetsetter.

7. New kicks – whether that be your stunning new Missguided strappy heels or your new Nike Roshes they’re going on insta whether they like it or not.

8. New MAC lipstick – if beauty bloggers had one dream it would probably be to bathe in a sea of MAC lipsticks, they are just a necessary item like water or food.

9. Candles – and more often than not it will be an image of Diptyque candles that are now home to an array of makeup brushes #thrifty.

10. OOTD – Autumn outfit, Winter outfit, Summer outfit, Cat’s outfit – we just want to share our style and that of any pets that may come in our path.


What other things always feature on a beauty bloggers grid?



2 Comments Add yours

  1. fashionbykarina says:

    Interesting post!

  2. I have to admit flowers are such a pleasure to photograph, and see photos of! They just fill me with such joy! Lovely post dear! xxxxx


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