The Mystical MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ Spray

MAC Prep + Prime Fix Plus had been on my makeup list for what seemed like forever, as I had heard such fantastic things about it. I picked two up when I was at the airport because duty free must be taken advantage of – it’s the law! I got one for me and one for my sister and we both have been absolutely loving this facial mist. You can use it both before and after your makeup application and it is my go to product whenever I do a full on makeup look.IMG_1357

They say:

MAC Prep + Prime Fix + is a lightweight, mineral rich finishing mist that refreshes the skin and finishes makeup. Helps create an even surface for a smooth makeup application.


I say:

I am in love with this product and am obsessed with using it as the first and last step of my makeup application process.

As a first step, before I apply anything else I spritz this all over my face as it feels totally amazing and is so refreshing. It quickly absorbs into the skin and helps for the products to go on a little easier and smoother. It smells delicious too!

Then once I have completed my full face of makeup I spritz this again as a final step, it just seems to pull everything together and makes your skin have a beautiful glow.

When you load your face with lots of makeup just because you have so much of the stuff that you need to use up or you are trying to recreate what makeup maverick Mario does for Kim K, your face can be left feeling a little ‘cakey’ or heavy. Well once you spritz this beauty it seems to tone it down and gives a lovely finish to the face.

As it is so refreshing it also works as a lovely way to cool down your face after that intense hour of makeup work you have just so effortlessly completed.

I got this back in December and I have been using it most weekends and it still more than three quarters full so it really lasts a long time. It is multipurpose too as you can also use it to spray on to a makeup brush or beauty blender before applying liquid foundation, or use it to wet a shadow brush to intensify the colour of an eyeshadow.IMG_1348


If you’re like me and you love to load up your face with foundation, concealer, cream contour, bronzer, translucent powder, highlighter – well then this product is a must have! It helps the makeup settle on your face and gets rid of that cakey look, because there is only one time a year when you can get away with having cake on your face and that is on your birthday! (Took me ages to come up with that one)

It is worth pointing out though that this is not a setting spray, it does however definitely help the makeup stay in place for longer. It is a subtle product so if you are hoping you will spritz this on your face and all of sudden your skin looks as though it has been photoshoped you may want to try a different product, which I don’t think even exists yet – can someone please invent photoshop in a bottle? IMG_1346

Have you tried this mystical MAC mist yet?

CC x


2 Comments Add yours

  1. I have also heard so much about this product, glad that it works so well for you! I’m curious to try it out! xxxxx

  2. I’m going to have to try it. I’m currently using NYX finishing spray

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