Want to look at pretty eyeshadow?

Of course you do, well this is the 88 Color Palette Tropical Shimmer Eyeshadow and is my first BH Cosmetics purchase and yes I did decide to start big by buying their palette that includes 88 eyeshadows because go big or go home, right?

They all look so pretty and I am looking forward to creating some striking eye looks with this set.



There are of course a few colours in there that will probably never touch my lids, because what human can actually pull of yellow eyeshadow? But there are lots of golds, greys, browns, purples, pinks, meaning the kind of looks I will be able to create will be totally endless.




This post is more about looking at pretty bright eyeshadows as I have not yet got round to using this palette. I have swatched a few shades on my hand and they look quite impressive considering the extremely reasonable price point, I paid less than £14 for this palette.


BH cosmetics are known for being super affordable and I would absolutely love to get my hands on the Carli Bybel palette that is only $12.50 but the postage is like $40 and for me it doesn’t make sense to pay more than double for delivery than the actual price of the product so unfortunately this is one I will have to pass on, sad times.


What are your thoughts on BH, have you used many of their products before?


CC x


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