5 Things That Will Take Your Makeup Up A Notch

We all wear makeup in order to make us look and feel a little better and it’s most girls dream to be able to apply in the most exquisite manor and give any MUA a run for their money. It really is all about practice and picking up lots of tips and tricks along the way. Here are 5 tips that I love to do and that may help you rival Mario’s skills in the not too distant future.


1. Always use a liner on your water line

Never use black because that will shrink your eyes and never use white because is far too harsh especially when taking pictures, which on any girlie night is always a given! Opt for a nude eyeliner instead as it will make your eyes appear bigger and eliminate any redness that may occur in your water line.

2. Apply Highlighter on your tear duct

To instantly brighten up your eyes, take your favourite powder highlighter and pop it into the inner corners of your eye – it will help them sparkle.

3. Put eyeshadow on your bottom lash line instead of eyeliner

I always think eyeliner looks to harsh on the lower lash line and always opt for eyeshadow when doing a full on eye makeup look. Simply take one of the colours you put on your lid on a pencil brush and run it under your lower lash line. This step will bring the whole eye look together and really amp it up. If you are using a dark eyeshadow colour be sure to blend, blend, blend, so that there it is not overly harsh.

4. Conceal around your eyebrows

Creating an amazing set of brows is truly an art form and when you get them just right you want to showcase them to their highest potential. Do this by taking your concealer and running it all long the brows, then blend it in and set with a translucent powder. It really helps to tidy up the area and highlights your works of art.

5. Colour correct first

This is such an important step if you have any discolouration on your face or if you have some redness. Using colour corrector concealers (similar to this one) apply an orange shade to any blue tones on your face such as your under eye area, and using a green concealer apply to any redness you may have and then pop your normal nude colour concealer over the top and  continue on with your foundation routine. This will help keep any discolouration hidden all night long.

Do you have any makeup tips that makes you look flawless?

CC x


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  1. I have that highlighter – makeup revolution am I right?? Check my blog for a few posts I’ve done including it xx

    1. carolineann says:

      You’re right, it’s great isn’t it? x

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