10 Things That Make December The Best Month

I write this with a cup of hot chocolate topped with mini marshmallows in hand, right in front of the fire, and feeling quite proud of myself as I have just finished decorating my tree. Safe to say I am feeling extremely Christmassy.

Aside from presents and a free pass to eat all of the food within sight, December is pretty epic and here are some of my favourite things about this festive month:

1. Hanging out with friends and family

It is the best time of year for hanging out with those that are most special to you as usually everyone is in great form and on their best behaviour because it’s Christmas and your off work so you have to be merry – it’s the rule!

2. Christmas dinner

You wait for it all year and it never disappoints. You eat more in one sitting than the whole year combined, yet you feel zero guilt. It is the ultimate cheat day filled with lots of food induced naps in front of the fire (the best kind) and it’s Christmas so calories don’t count, right?

3. Cosy style

Oversized jumpers, chunky knits, blanket scarves, bobble hats and leather gloves, they’re all your best friends during December and are perfect for hiding the fact that you may have overindulged just a little. Sometimes it just takes a stronger person than you to walk past a tin of celebrations and you’re ok with that.

4. Parties galore  

With so many parties and 12 pubs to hit up you turn into a social butterfly and pop more bottles than Lil Wayne himself. Great for all your social media pages #bubbles, terrible for your liver that is now probably crying and praying for a dry January.

5. New wardrobe

All those fabulous parties that you absolutely must attend means you obviously will need a new outfit for each soirée which leads to shopping and lots of it! Those fab new glitzy dresses and strapy heels aren’t going to buy themselves now are they?

6. Traditions

There is something about traditions that just makes me feel warm and fuzzy. My favourite one is buying new cosy Christmas pj’s for myself and sisters and wearing them on Christmas Eve only to wake up on Christmas morning feeling fantastically festive.

7. Presents

Who doesn’t love getting presents for doing absolutely nothing? It also feels amazing to give presents to your favourite people especially when you get it so right that there little faces light up and you feel like you are totally winning at life.

8. Snow

Heading outside all wrapped up when snow is falling is pretty magical and feels like your living in a Disney movie which is always #goals. Even better is when you rope someone in to take a few pics of you frolicking in the snow for Instagram. You’ve got to be quick though before it has been trudged through and now is a weird brown colour as it doesn’t really have the same appeal and probably won’t garner as many likes.

9. Decorations

All of the lights, all of the lights. Everything looks prettier with fairy lights and baubles and tinsel and stars and glitter. I just can’t get enough of decorations and often find myself looking at the tree thinking “what else can I add before it collapses from the strain?”

10. Reflection 

There is no better time than at the end of the year to reflect on everything you have accomplished throughout the year and set goals for the new year. Even if your top goal is always to lose those Christmas pounds, maybe 2016 will be the year you achieve it!


What’s your favourite thing about December?

CC x


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Gemma says:

    Great post. I totally love all of these things too. Gemma xx

    1. carolineann says:

      Thank you Gemma, hope you have a lovely Christmas x

  2. Cozy style is definitely one of my favourites of december! Great post 🙂

    1. carolineann says:

      For sure big jumpers are the best! Thank you X

  3. Abigail says:

    Family time and being cosy is my favourite part about December ❤

    Check out my Sephora giveaway!

    1. carolineann says:

      Same, such a great time of year x

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