Self Doubt: The Biggest Dream Killer

As I am set to embark on a very exciting new venture here on CC Hearts (all the details coming very soon) it has got me thinking about self doubt and the crippling effect it can have on our lives. I have found myself doubting if my new venture will be a success and considered maybe just sticking to what I know but then I think nothing ventured nothing gained so I am pressing on with a launch date coming super soon.

I think that it’s a real shame that self doubt even has to exist and often wonder what amazing things would be in this world if self doubt wasn’t. How many people have had an amazing idea but let self doubt creep in and managed to convince themselves that it was probably a terrible idea and one that would be best forgotten all about.


Some of the world’s most successful people were tormented with self doubt teamed with masses of adversity but still managed to push through to become inspirations. John Lennon once said “Part of me suspects that I’m a loser, and the other part of me thinks I’m God Almighty.” Will Smith once stated “I still doubt myself every single day. What people believe is my self-confidence is actually my reaction to fear”.

I once read that self doubt will whisper in your ear that you’re not worth it, it will gladly point out that you don’t deserve success and constantly remind you that you are not capable. Self doubt will rob you of your successes and ultimately your own happiness and fulfilment so is something that needs to stop.

If you think about it what would you have achieved by now if you didn’t doubt yourself and your abilities? Would you have went for that job that seemed a little out of your skills set, maybe you would have set up a blog and be your own boss by now or would you have pitched that amazing app idea and now be a billionaire able to retire on your own private island? Who knows but if you don’t believe in yourself no one else will and you are just doing yourself a massive injustice by not chasing those dreams no matter how unobtainable they may seem.

When it comes down to it you have to be your own biggest fan, your best motivator and your strongest ally because then and only then will you be able to push yourself to your highest potential. Waiting for someone else to support you or to help you get to where you want to be just won’t work. Just like caring what people may think is also a pointless exercise that won’t get you any closer to your goals and you will never please everyone but if you are pleasing and pushing yourself to your full potential that is truly living and a very content place to be.

So from now on try and ignore that little niggle of self doubt that wants you to believe your ideas aren’t good enough or that it is better to play it safe than fail, because I for one don’t want to be 80 years old and look back wishing I had have been braver with my life.

I hope this post gives you a little courage and that you will all like my new venture which I will be telling you lots more about next week!

Happy Friday and have a fantastic weekend.

CC x


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