The 10 Best Things About Being Irish

Given the day that’s in it I wanted to do a post that is a little different from the usual beauty and makeup ramblings. Instead, I wanted to write about why I think we are so lucky to be from the beautiful Emerald Isle and here are my top 10 reasons.


  1. The pride we have in our country is incredible, I don’t believe there are any other nationalities in the world that are as proud as we of our little nation. It is something that is instilled in all of us and even when times are tough and recession is in full force we still would not choose to be from anywhere else in the world.
  2. Our stunning surroundings. Ireland is a breathtakingly beautiful country and you never have to venture far to find a striking scenic walk or a awe inspiring lake. When the sun shines on our beautiful country, like it is today, there is nowhere nicer in the world to be and it puts everyone in great form, raving about the gorgeous weather and finishing every conversation with ‘long may it last’!
  3. Support, whether it’s for the Irish Rugby team, Conor McGregor or your local GAA team, we are nation that stands behind our hero’s, win, lose or draw and we enjoy very moment of it.
  4. Food, we have some of the most amazing cuisine in the world and the quality is unlike anywhere else. If you have traveled abroad you will know what I mean they just don’t have the produce like we do here. Our food is of amazingly high quality especially the meat and where else in the world could you get a spice bag after a night on the beer or a chicken fillet roll to cure your hangover?
  5. Sense of humour, you’re not Irish if you can’t take a joke or have a bit of banter, whether its at your own expense or that of your friends it’s all in the name of having the craic, which is a vital component to life.
  6. St. Patrick’s Day, the day we adorn ourselves in green, enjoy a taste (or for some a keg) of the black stuff and we all feel even prouder of our heritage. It’s amazing to see the world acknowledge and embrace our small nation. Whether it’s the lake in Chicago being dyed green, the enormous parade that takes over New York City or The Leaning Tower of Pisa being lit up green, it’s a sight to be hold.
  7. Our reputation known all around the world for being so friendly and welcoming, and our accent which so many cultures go crazy for. If you’ve been to America you have definitely heard “OMG are you from I-R-land, I just love your accent!”.
  8. The feeling of always belonging and having strong roots. No matter how long you have been away, when you’re Irish you will always feel an intense sense of belonging and will always call it home.
  9. Our generosity is second to none. We are Europe’s most charitable country and in times of need we rally around those that need us, channelling our inner Mrs. Doyle and making endless cups of tea and sandwiches, because we all know there’s not much tea can’t solve.
  10. The Irish Mammy, I could not write this list and not include the Irish Mammy, they are always praying for you, talking to you about the weather and telling you to bring a coat. They are such an amazing figure of strength that you look up to and learn so much from, important life lessons like the right way to peel the spuds. IMG_6231

Guinness, tayto, our history, music, dancing, Fr. Ted, I could list so many other amazing reasons why it’s great to be Irish but we could be here all day and we have a shamrock to drown.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

CC x


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  1. Angela says:

    Love this!! I’m Scottish, which reading these makes me realise how similar the Irish and Scottish are! My grandparents are Irish though so maybe it’s because I have some Irish blood too! ….doesn’t everyone today though, haha!
    Happy St Patrick’s Day xo

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