NEW In To The CC Hearts Shop

I have thoroughly enjoyed picking out new pieces to add to my shop and am so excited to have branched out to now include makeup accessories too. I am constantly thinking of what to add next and with lots more pieces coming soon I wanted to post a quick update on some of the newest items that have just landed into my online store, which if you’d like, you can check out here.


Cerise €10

These gorgeous bright pink pearl earrings are one of my favourite new additions as they are so striking and would really jazz up any outfit. I love them so much that I am keeping a pair for myself, that’s the only downside to having your own little shop, you always end up buying one extra of everything for yourself!

image2 (1)

Clarence €8

These vintage inspired earrings have a lot of detailing going on, from the pearls to the centre stones to the gold casing, they are a fabulously dressy earring and super affordable. They come in two colours Crystal and a stunning Emerald Green.

image1 (3)


Brushegg €4

I mentioned this little beauty in my post on how I clean my makeup brushes and it has been selling really well. It really is a great tool for getting those brushes squeaky clean and bacteria free.


Tarte Eyebrow Brush €8

I am so excited to start stocking some makeup brushes and this is such a fantastic one from Tarte which is perfect for achieving brows that are always on fleek which is every makeup fanatics ultimate dream.

image1 (2)

Tarte Eyeliner Brush €7

Again from Tarte this one is designed to create the perfect winged liner. I have yet to try this type of liner brush but have heard great things about them so I will report back once I put it to the test.

I have also restocked a few items that had previously sold out and I am constantly adding new pieces but if there is anything you would like to see in my store please just let me know and I will try my best to track it down.

Hope you like my new pieces.

CC x


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