New Rose Gold & Pink Makeup Brushes

Rose gold and pink are probably my two favourite colours and when I saw them combined on these gorgeous makeup brushes I knew that they would have to be mine, immediately. After trailing them for a while it’s safe to say that I love them, so much so that I have decided to add them to the CC Hearts store.  

There are 3 pretty brushes to choose from at the moment with some more variants being added real soon.


First up the is the powder brush, this one is a big fluffy brush perfect for adding a dusting of setting powder to a face of freshly applied foundation. It feels soft on the skin and doesn’t absorb too much product.


Next, is the blush brush perfectly shaped to add a pop of colour to the apples of your cheeks or a sprinkle of highlight to the tops of the cheekbones.


Then lastly is the contour powder brush, perfectly shaped to help carve out those cheekbones that just love to be hiding on us pretending they’re not there, luckily we now know the tricks to bring them out. I use this brush after I apply a cream contour to set and enhance it with my MAC Give Me Sun bronzer for that bronzed contoured goddess look… well I try my best.

My favourite thing about these brushes are that they are all really lightweight and even better again they are extremely reasonably priced at only €5 and €6.

Soon I’ll be adding rose gold eye brushes too and lots of other fun stuff so be sure to keep an eye out for updates on my Instagram @carolinecchearts or Snapchat @carolinemc-g.

Hope you like them as much as I do.

CC x


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