All About That Flormar Base

Flormar is a makeup brand that is relatively new to me and one that I know very little about. It was established in Milan, Italy and only in recent years has it been introduced to us makeup loving Irish ladies. Up until recently I had never tired anything from the Flormar range but had heard good things about their primer and foundations so thought they were the best place to start. I picked up the Flormar Illuminating Primer and the Perfect Coverage Foundation and here are my initial thoughts on each.


Flormar Illuminating Primer €9.95

This is a very lightweight primer that is designed to make your makeup last longer as well as offer illumination to your face. I find it offers the skin a nice subtle glow and is a great base for foundation as it makes the application a lot easier as it effortlessly glides on to the skin. However, it is a little on the light side for me as I like my primers to be more substantial and to work a little harder. I want a primer to fill in my pores and blur my skin as well as brightening it, yes I ask for a lot but primers are big business right now so more is now expected from them. In saying that though I have found myself reaching for this one on the regular and if you are looking for a primer that is very light on the skin, offers a subtle shine and extends the lifespan of your foundation, then this is a great one to try.


Flormar Perfect Coverage Foundation €10.95

I am actually obsessed with this foundation and I have only used it a handful of times but it was pretty much love at first application. It offers the most insane coverage, the best I have ever seen from a drugstore foundation and the finish is quite matte without being overly powdery or cakey looking. I love high coverage and am certainly not about the “no makeup” makeup look, I like my skin to look flawless with zero discolouration or any signs of imperfections peaking through, that’s why I wear foundation in order to make my skin look perfect and to do that I need one that is high performing as well as high coverage which this one currently is. I chose shade 102 soft beige which is absolutely perfect for me, it is a shade warmer than my natural skin tone in order to match my fake tan and to ensure I don’t look like Casper the friendly ghost.  It is designed to last 12 hours and so far it has been living up to this claim as it has really stayed put which may also be thanks to the primer. It also has SPF 15 which is great for protecting your skin from the pesky sun trying to make you age prematurely, no thank you Mr. Sun. I am so glad I came across this foundation as I have been on the lookout for an amazing drugstore foundation for what feels like ages and so far I think I may just have found it. If like me you like a full coverage and a flawless base then I would recommend you give this a whirl.


To be honest I didn’t really expect too much from this brand as it was one I so often overlook but my little taster of Flormar has left me very impressed indeed and makes me eager to try lots more of their products.

Have you tried anything from Flormar yet?

CC x


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