What Will We All Be Wearing This Autumn/Winter?

I know you have probably heard this a hundred times already and we haven’t even got through the first week of September, but seriously can you believe summer is over? It was as though someone decided to put the summer months on fast forward and I can’t believe it is time to think about what we should be including in our wardrobe for Autumn/Winter. I for one am thrilled to welcome back oversized jumpers and knee high boots with a little faux fur thrown into the mix. According to the A/W catwalks from all the 4 major fashion capitals, New York, Paris, London, and Milan, these are some of the things that we will are be wearing this upcoming season.

Statement Chokers

This is probably the trend I am most excited about because I currently have a small (read huge) obsession with chokers. I have every black one there is and can’t wait to add to my collection with some serious bling statement chokers.IMG_1363 IMG_1364 IMG_1361 IMG_1360



It may remind you of Christmas and you might not be crazy about the feel of it but Velvet is set to be big business this season so brace yourself to see it everywhere.
IMG_1348 IMG_1349

Light Grey

Thankfully this is still to be a trend this season as I adore light grey and am totally in love with the Balmain Grey Thigh High boots, they are just the most perfect shade of grey, now to try find a high street dupe.

Statement Fur

I do love a faux fur piece especially around Christmas (sorry I know it’s too early to even say the word) time as it is like walking around in one big hug. I am excited to see what faux furs will be hitting the highstreet and here’s hoping I can pull at least one of them off, this green one from Alexander McQueen is super beautiful but I don’t think I could rock it in the fear I would look like a frog.


I do love a ruffle so I am excited to try out this trend, I think I will be doing it much more subtly than the high end designers did with hopefully a nice cream ruffled blouse teamed with skinny denims, you really can’t go wrong with a nice top and jeans, even if finding that nice top sometimes proves harder than mission impossible.

IMG_1347 IMG_1353 IMG_1356IMG_1358IMG_1370IMG_1369


From tops to leather jackets, every piece is set to be amped up with the inclusion of embroidery, whether it be of patches or sequins, more is more this season. Isn’t the Gucci leather jacket in the final image just to die?

IMG_1355 IMG_1354IMG_1366IMG_1368


All images credits please click here and follow the image. 

What are you most excited about wearing this Autumn/Winter?

CC x


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