Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette – To Buy or Not To Buy?

When the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette first began to flood my Instagram feed I knew instantly that it had to be mine, it looked divine. Instagram is terrible for that isn’t it? You pop on to have a little look the next thing you know you have bought 5 new eyeshadow palettes, a set of new brushes, 3 pairs of sneakers, 2 pairs of sunglasses and 5 bomber jackets, it just makes you want to shop and never stop. I’m glad it encouraged me to purchase the Modern Renaissance palette though as it is by far my most favourite eyeshadow palette of the moment and I am obsessed with each and every shade.img_0263-0 img_1551

ABH say:

An essential eye shadow collection featuring 14 shades, including neutral and berry tones. Use Anastasia Beverly Hills first permanent palette, Modern Renaissance to create endless looks for daytime and evening.

Highly pigmented, easy-to-blend formula
11 matte shades; 3 metallic
Dual-sided soft bristle brush

Tempera – Velvety beige with an ultra-matte finish
Golden Ochre – Earthy yellow with an ultra-matte finish
Vermeer – Iridescent shell with a metallic finish
Buon Fresco – Antique lavender with an ultra-matte finish
Antique Bronze – Metallic sable with a satin finish
Love Letter- Raspberry with an ultra-matte finish
Cyprus Umber- Dark coffee with an ultra-matte finish
Realgar- Brick with an ultra-matte finish
Warm Taupe- Earthy gray with an ultra-matte finish
Venetian Red- Crimson with an ultra-matte finish
Red Ochre- Sienna with an ultra-matte finish
Primavera- shimmery gold dust with a metallic finish
Burnt Orange- deep orange with an ultra-matte finish
Raw Sienna- neutral amber with an ultra-matte finish

I say:

The packaging is what always draws me in and it totally slays, it is the most gorgeous light mauveΒ shade and has a beautiful velvet finish that makes you just want to cuddle it. It is when you open it for the first time that real excitement begins. It has 14 stunning shadows, from blending shades to base shades to bright shades it really caters for all eye looks. It also includes the most beautiful highlight shade, Vermeer, a lovely light pink that is perfect for highlighting the inner corner of the eye and right underneath the brow bone. The shades are all fabulously creamy and so easy to blend, some of the darker colours do have quite a bit of fall out though, such as Love Letter and Venetian Red, so if you are creating a dramatic eye look using this palette make sure and do your eyes before your foundation otherwise you will end up having to rub off all of your flawless base to clean up the fallen shadow.

The colour selection in this palette is off the charts and there is not one colour I don’t like. Burnt Orange is the most perfect base shade for the crease, Love Letter is the most stunning dark pink that makes a real statement without making you look like you are trying to be Barbie and Primavera is a gorgeous gold simmer shade that is beautiful all over the lids.

I created this deep pink smokey look at the weekend using Golden Ochre and Burnt Orange in the crease, Love Letter and Venetian Red on the lids and Cyrus Umber to darken up the crease and outer corner for that smokey look, finished with some Vermeer to highlight the inner corner and brow bone. It was so quick and easy to do as all the shades blend effortlessly and the pigment is insane with top quality colour pay off.img_1550


If you love eyeshadow you need this palette! It has so many incredible shades that means the looks you can create are endless and for $42 you are getting serious bang for your buck. It works out at $3 per shadow, total bargain, and you also get a double ended ABH eye shadow brush which is fantastic quality, is there anything more annoying when you buy a palette and the brush they include is a cheap one that you just know you will never ever use and will end up throwing away. As you can tell I am obsessed with this palette and am so excited to get the ABH Mario palette when it comes out.img_1177-1

Have you tried the Modern Renaissance palette yet?

CC x


One Comment Add yours

  1. Nicole says:

    This is such a pretty palette. I love every shade in it. Great post πŸ™‚

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

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