My Choker Collection

The choker obsession is real! I now have so many and wear them so frequently that I often think what did I ever do before they came into my life and made it so much better? I for one, am delighted with this 90’s trend revival. 

These are some of my favourite chokers from my ever expanding collection:

These silver and gold diamanté chokers are some of favourties as they really are stand out pieces. They are now available to buy from my store, just click here.

The New Look Lace choker – obsessed. It is so light and easy to wear it feels like it’s not even on your neck which is great as some chokers can feel like they are actually choking you, which is not quite the look I ever try to be going for!

These two gold star stunners are from Zara, they are totally gorge especially the complete gold star one – so perfect for christmas.

The shoe lace choker is a must have these days, have you seen the meme about the girl who actually went out with her shoe lace tided around her neck and got so many compliments? Hilarious. I love how these can quickly dress up an outfit even if you’re just wearing jeans and an oversized jumper. I also have this one in pink aswell because in case you couldn’t tell by now, pink is kinda my fave colour.

I picked up this gold one in Miss Selfridge and while it is very cute it is certainly not the most comfortable piece of jewellery I have ever worn as I find it a bit restricting, still cute though. Have you ever sneezed with a choker on and thought oh that’s it, it’s broke? This happens all the time with this one but it so far has managed to stand the test of time as well as the odd sneezing fit.

This vintage inspired diamanté choker is from Penny’s and is one of most worn chokers. I absolutely love it, it so glitzy and pretty and really dresses up even a plain grey t-shirt.

The newest additions to my choker collection are these two beauties from Missguided. The pink faux leather one is so pretty and makes for a real statement, where as the double gold one is a little more subtle yet just as cute. Both gorgeous chokers that I can’t wait to wear.

The choker obsession continues and these are some of the beauties that will soon be joining their friends and coming to live with me:


River Island








Do you like the choker trend?

CC x


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