Do You Really Need To Find Your Blogging Niche?

We have all read those countless advice posts on how to create the most successful blog of all time and no matter what, there is always that one point that is ever present – “Find Your Blogging Niche”. A lot of people seem to think that this is of the utmost importance to find a niche and never ever waver from it but taking into account the way the blogosphere is constantly evolving I often wonder if by pigeon holing yourself into just one area it may be detrimental to your blog and its success.

I love a whole host of different things from beauty and fashion to self development and personal growth, and would like to write about them without questioning myself or thinking I can’t really post that because I should just be writing about beauty as that is my chosen ‘niche’.img_5547

Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of days when all I want to write about is my latest lipstick find that is the most beautiful shade and is a totally dreamy consistency yet other days it just feels a little trivial to be writing about makeup when there is so much more I would like to say but think well that serious topic doesn’t real live on a beauty blog.

But I think it is important to remember that we created these blogs and continue to work on them because of a deep routed passion and what made your heart race when you set up your blog may not be the same thing that does now. In order for your blog to grow and be a space you continue to enjoy working on you need to take chances, be brave and write what you want to read which some days may be about your latest makeup obsession or may be about something a little deeper.

In an extremely over saturated market I think it is best to do your own thing instead of following the status quo or sticking within a certain box. So if there is something you have been considering writing but aren’t sure if it fits in well with the rest of your blog content I say go for it, if it matters to you and the way you express that shines through, I’m sure it will resonate with others too.

What do you think should blogs stick to one specific area or do you think it is OK to diversify a little?

CC x


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  1. hollife says:

    I agree – I want to write personal stuff sometimes but then I’m like ‘but I am a beauty blog’! But we should be different and write what we want 🙂

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