Snapshot Review: Pennys Lip Kit

Lip kits are huge right now and I think we all know who we have to thank for that. In typical Pennys/Primark form they are always on it comes to keeping up with the latest trends and quickly work to produce their own (much cheaper) version of the ‘it product’ of the moment.  

And so they have just recently introduced two new lip kits which include a lip liner and matte liquid lipstick and at a very reasonable €4 I just had to pick one up and try it out.

They are available in two nude/brown shades – Cookie Dough and Chocolate Brownie. I chose the shade Cookie Dough as it is the lighter of the two and seems a much more wearable colour for me. I would describe it as a light peachy nude that looks very pretty on.

As with most lip kits it is a simple two step process, firstly you outline your lips with the lip liner, overdrawing them ever so slightly if you fancy a fuller pout, and then slicking on some of the matte liquid lipstick to complete your lip look.

I am already such a big fan of the Pennys lip liners as their pigment and staying power is unlike any other and for €1.50 I tend to stock pile them. So I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed with the liner included in this kit but had no idea what to expect from their liquid lipsticks as I had never tried them before.

As first impressions go I really like this kit, it is super easy to use and it pretty much dries instantly on application and locks in place. The liquid lipstick is however quite drying on the lips but that is to be expected and the picture on the box signifies this so no false advertising here. It also will of course cling to any dry skin on your lips so it is advisable to a use a little lip scrub before applying it.

Once it’s on it is one that you are aware of for quite awhile as its a bit restricitive but there is absolutely zero product transfer which means it stays exactly where you placed it for the long term. Even throughout eating, drinking, chit chatting, it just doesn’t budge. It also doesn’t require too many touch ups which makes it the ideal lip choice for nights out or dinner dates. It is not a lipstick I would wear for the day time though as it feels too restricitive and dry on the lips, I prefer to stick to something much more moisturising for day wear.

If you love makeup then I would definitely advise you to add one of these to your kit as for €4 you really can’t go wrong but if you’re not a fan of the matte look and feel, it’s best to stick to the conviential lipstick, which of course Pennys also do very well for pretty much peanuts. 

 Next up I am going to be putting the Makeup Revolution and Barry M lip kits to the test and will of course report back.

Have you tried any of these lip kits yet?

CC x


3 Comments Add yours

  1. isabelle says:

    I didn’t even know they sold these but I deffo need to have a root around and find this one because its gorgeous!

  2. I wish I had Primark in the US! Every single time I visit London I always lose my damn mind in Primark, so many lovely goodies!

  3. Kate says:

    This sound amazing and I’ll definitely have to pick it up next time I’m in store. Great post. X


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